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Located at a beautiful place in Jacksonville, FL 32246, Perfect Nail & Hair offers you the ultimate in pampering and boosting your natural beauty with our whole-hearted, creative & professional staff.

Perfect Nail & Hair is always trying to be innovative with design and trends, always up-to-date with what the industry has to offer. We offer a wide array of nail and hair care services including Manicures, Pedicures, Haircut, Perm, Color, Waxing and so much more. Our nail salon is committed to bringing you a relaxing experience while we make you look good and feel amazing.

Our nail salon routinely follows a sanitary standard that sets us apart from other places. Buffers and files are used only once and then discarded. Paraffin waxed is also never recycled for another use. All pedicure procedures are done with liner protection. Along with the standard hygiene procedures, all the products we use in our nail salon are from the most famous manufacturers.

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